Art and Plastic Surgery

I love plastic surgery. It is the only specialty where you actually become an artist of people. When I go into work in the morning, I have the opportunity to change people’s lives by sculpting them into a better version of themselves. It is a true privilege and honor to be trusted by my patients for such a delicate task.

Many times when I am looking at patients that need to be revised, I think that the underlying problem is a lack of vision. If you don’t have a firm solid foundation on what will make a person more attractive, it doesn’t matter how skillful a surgeon you may be, you are destined to have a poor outcome. The proper assessment of the patient, careful execution of their operation, and understanding of their goals are all necessary to complete the circle to give patients a truly outstanding outcome.

I knew early on that cosmetic plastic surgery was the path I wanted to take. I took it seriously and spend an extra year learning only cosmetic surgery of the face and body. Since this is something I love to do, I always take the time to do it right. I hear other surgeons brag about how fast they are, but I never think of this as a race. I am only proud of good results and attempt perfection for every patient, regardless of how long it takes me. Nobody ever rushed Rembrandt.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, I highly recommend that you come to my office and discover the difference that a plastic surgeon who loves what he does can make in your life.

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