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I had an interesting conversation with the patient before her breast augmentation the other day. She had been to a cocktail party and someone had asked why she was getting her 475 mL implants with only one surgery. The person talking to her had undergone three operations in order to work her way up to an 800 mL implant. The explanation that her surgeon gave her was that these multiple surgeries were needed in order to allow her skin to stretch and accommodate the implant.

I was somewhat surprised, and told her jokingly that I would be happy to make this into three operations to help pay off my car, but the really is no reason for it except in very unusual circumstances.

Implantations in a single stage are routinely performed with 800 mL implants. It really isn’t the size of the implant inserted at any given time, but how the implant reacts with your body as you age. Larger implants tend to stretch the tissues and may increase the need for a breast lift in the future.  However, more revisions are performed to increase size as most women wished that they had gone larger in the first place.

So, if you are interested in a breast augmentation, it would be very rare not to obtain the size you are looking for in one surgery.  My office spends a lot of time sizing patients to be sure that they can be as close as possible to their desired size at the time of surgery.

If you are interested in a breast augmentation, come to our office and we will help match you to your perfect look.

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