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Body Implants in Columbus, OH

Buttock implants

Who gets buttock implants?

Buttock implants are extremely popular. They are one of the fastest growing procedures in plastic surgery. There are multiple reasons for people to get buttock implants. The most common reason is to enhance the shape and size of the buttock. Some patients may have one buttock smaller than another due to a congenital issue, trauma, or surgery. Buttock implants can help improve symmetry.

About the procedure

Buttock augmentation is performed in the surgery center under general anesthesia. Most patients will go home the same day as the procedure. The operation takes about two hours to perform. The incision is placed between the buttocks where it is well hidden. Drains are common after gluteal implants, but not always required.

It is important to avoid prolonged sitting for several days after the surgery. The surgery also has significant discomfort associated with it and most people require at least two weeks before returning to their normal activities.

Fat grafting is often added to improve and enhance the outcome. This particularly helps in shaping the hips. Liposuction is frequently added in order to help contour the lower back and improve the overall appearance.

The implants are generally placed within the muscle. However, for larger implants, it is necessary to put the implant above the muscle.

Pectoral Implants

Who gets pectoral implants?

There are multiple categories of patients who benefit from pectoral implants. The most common individual is just your average male would like to have better definition in the pectoral region. Very athletic individuals also benefit from pectoral implants as a can further define and shape their contours. Patients who have had a congenital loss of the pectoral muscle benefit substantially from an implant as it can dramatically improve symmetry. Patients who have had significant weight loss benefit greatly from this procedure as much of their definition may have been lost. The implants fill out the loose tissues and provide improved definition. Sometimes in this category, a chest lift may also be necessary. The aging male also benefits dramatically from this procedure. As we age, or definition tends to decrease. This procedure replaces that lost definition.

About the procedure

The procedures performed under general anesthesia in the surgery center. A small incision is created within the armpit, similar to a transaxle area breast augmentation. Through the small incision, a pocket is created within the pectoral muscle just below the thick fascia that covers the muscle. The implant is then inserted and carefully positioned to provide the appropriate shape and definition.

There’re multiple types of implants available. These can be customized depending on the type of shape and definition one desires. Custom implants are also available to help provide a more defined and individualized appearance. These custom implants can either be sculpted out of modeling silicone and then produced at the factory or they can be created from a CT scan and refined through the use of computer simulation.

Drains are generally not needed for this operation. Patients go home the same day. Their pectoral muscle is sore for several weeks, but early activity is encouraged. Most people are back to work after about one week.

Bicep implants

Who gets bicep implants?

Same category people who get pectoral implants also get bicep implants. This would include just your average individual wanting slightly more definition, an athletic individual wants to have a more cut appearance, patients with injuries to the bicep causing asymmetry, and lastly aging patients who have lost definition.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the surgery center under general anesthesia. The incision is placed in the armpit, the same as for a pectoral or transaxillary breast implant. A small incision allows access to the bicep muscle. The muscle is covered with a thick coating called the fascia. This is opened and the soft implants are placed above the muscle between this covering. It takes about one hour, and people go home the same day. The pain is moderate and most people are back to work within a week.

Implants are generally customized to each patient. This is generally done at the time of surgery by sculpting the implant. However, customized implants could be created for each individual if desired.

Triceps implants

Who gets triceps implants?

Triceps implants are less common than bicep or pectoral implants. However, the same category of patients who receive bicep or pectoral implants is also interested in triceps implants. The trend is more toward the aging or athletic individual to provide improved definition.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the surgery center. The operation takes about one hour. Patients go home the same day and are back to work within a week. Drains are not used. The incision is small and placed up near the armpit, but is positioned further back in the armpit closer to the triceps muscle. Just as in bicep augmentation, these implants need to be customized for each individual. This is usually done at the time of surgery, but customized implants can be ordered if desired.

Calf implants

Who gets calf implants?

Calf implants are one of the most popular body implants performed. Both men and women receive calf implants. Patients were interested in calf implants are looking for more definition from the front and side view. The most common area is the inner calf for women and both inner and outer calf for men. The implants add volume and define the calf lines in a more muscular or feminine appearance depending upon the look desired. Many patients with club feet will have calf implants placed as the muscles of the calf can be very thin and give a very “chicken leg” appearance and may be very asymmetric.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the surgery center under general anesthesia. The operation takes about one hour, and patients go back home the same day. Drains are generally not used. The procedure has moderate discomfort, and most people are back to work within a week or two. The incision is placed behind the knee along the crease. The implant is then inserted under the thick coating of the muscle. Since this is a muscular augmentation, the implant outlines the definition of the gastrocnemius muscle. It is important to keep this in mind is generally this muscle is in the upper third of the lower leg. Longer implants can be placed, but these then are generally put above the muscle. The implants are customized at the time of insertion or custom implants can be ordered depending upon the patient’s preference.

Trapezius implants

Who gets trapezius implants?

Trapezius implants help improve the definition of the shoulder near the neckline. This provides a more muscular upper body appearance. This tends to be more athletic patients looking to further define their musculature. Although asymmetric individuals, those with trauma, or aging individuals are also good candidates. Both men and women have this operation performed.

About the procedure

The procedures performed at the surgery center. It is done as an outpatient and you go home the same day. The operation takes about one hour. Pain is minimal to moderate. People are back to work within the week. The incision is placed within the crease of the neck so that implants can be inserted down along the trapezius muscle.

Hip implants

Who gets hip implants

Hip implants have become much more popular in the past few years. They are designed to help augment the curves of the outer thigh and their increase in popularity has been due to the recent rise in buttock augmentation. Since the hips are a natural extension of the buttock, it provides improve shape and definition to further improve the patient’s contours. Many people are interested and get hip implants. Many women who have a flat or boxy figure will use them to improve the curve of the hip. Patients who have areas of depression on the hips or leg benefit greatly by filling in areas of depression caused by surgical or other trauma. Transgender men looking for more feminine curves are also excellent candidates.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the surgery center under general anesthesia.   Patients go home the same day. Pain is moderate. These implants, unlike most body implants, are placed above the muscle. In some instances, they may be placed within the muscle fascia, but this is less typical. Since they’re placed above the muscle, the discomfort is less and most people are back to work within a week or two. The incision is only 4-5 cm long and is placed within the underwear line to be discreet. These implants are all custom implants. This can either be sculpted before surgery or a CT scan can be used to make custom designed, computer modeled implants depending upon the patient’s preference.

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