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Breast Revision Surgery in Columbus, OH

Are you dissatisfied with a previous breast augmentation, breast lift, or both? Dr. Dorner offers breast revision surgery for patients who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their previous surgery. Although generally a very predictable, low-risk procedure, some patients may develop problems with their previous surgeries that may leave them less than satisfied.

Triggers for breast revision include saline implants deflating or x-rays/MRIs suggesting silicone leaks. Other causes may include capsular contracture which can pull the implant upward, or stretching of the tissues which can cause descent of the implant causing asymmetry. In one way or another, implants have shifted in position since the original surgery. Other causes may include weight gain or loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

For patients who have undergone a saline deflation or possible rupture of a silicone implant, the repair is generally fairly straightforward and can be done in the office. For saline implants, it is important to try and schedule your revision as soon as possible as this makes the surgery easier with less trauma to your body. Ideally, we try and accommodate patients within one week after the deflation so that the tissues are unaffected and the implant simply needs to be replaced. Many times patients will consider switching to a silicone implant in which case both implants would need to be replaced.

In order to repair a capsular contracture, it is usually necessary to replace the implant, place the implant in a new position, and sometimes add a biological mesh to help reduce the incidence of recurrence. Although every patient is different, using these techniques can reduce the risk of recurrence in one stage revision to less than 4%.

For a patient who has lost symmetry due to stretching of the tissue, usually, a revision with an internal mesh is required to help provide increased support and strength to the underlying tissues. The implant is usually removed and replaced and an absorbable mesh is used to provide increased strength to the tissues while still providing a natural, soft tissue envelope.

Dr. Dorner enjoys these types of challenging cases and has had excellent success with them. He generally uses the same incisions so that your scars are not unduly long. If you are interested in having your previous surgery revised, we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to call us or email us today.

To learn more about breast Revision or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dorner, please fill out the form on this page or call 614-336-9000 We’re located in Dublin, OH and we serve the Columbus Ohio Metro Area.

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