Your Breasts, Your Choice. How to Decide Which Size Is Right for You

So, you’ve decided you want to undergo a breast augmentation. The next choice is to decide the size and shape that is most appropriate for you. With today’s advanced breast augmentation, there are many options.

The most important rule, and this may sound obvious, is to choose what is right for yourself. Many patients find that other people have opinions and thoughts on what size or shape their breasts should be.  However, keep in mind that you need to be comfortable with your choice as you will be wearing them! You should pick a size and shape that makes you more confident in the way you feel.

There are multiple options, but the most basic is size. I’ve had some patients ask if there is a limit to how large they can be or if it might take multiple operations to get to the size they want. In almost every case a very large augmentation can be performed in a single stage.  So, if you are an “A” cup it is almost always possibly for you to end up with a “DDD” if that is what you want.  An easy way to try out a size is to simply take rice and put it into a pantyhose.  You can use this to fill out your bra and once you reach a size that you like, simply record the volume. I can translate this volume into implant size. Most of the time people refer to implants in terms of cubic centimeters, but it’s not necessary for you to measure this way.  If you come in and say you would like a two and a half cup augmentation, we can easily calculate that for you.

Another consideration is the type of look you prefer. The question I ask my patients is whether they would rather trend toward more perky or more natural. This helps determines the implant shape, whether it is a higher projecting implant versus a more naturally appearing flatter implant. This also correlates to whether the implant would be placed above or below the muscle as the appearance can be slightly different. One way to determine if you would prefer a more perky augmentation is to stand in the mirror after putting on a good push up bra. If you like the slightly exaggerated cleavage this provides, then you would most likely prefer a higher profile implant and maybe even placing it above the muscle to give you more of that push-up look.

The last consideration is whether to use the newer shaped implants. I particularly liked the look of these implants, as they give a very natural slope to the breast.  If you’re looking for more exaggerated cleavage, then you would be better off choosing round implants. One of the biggest advantages of these newer implants is that they can be placed above the muscle while giving the same natural appearance as if it had been placed below the muscle. The reason I preferred the implant above the muscle is that the recovery is quicker and the implants aren’t affected by muscle contraction.

It is also helpful to bring in pictures of breasts that you find attractive.  This helps me get a feel for what type of shape you like.  As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. A good website to review thousands of pictures is I like this website because you can search based on breast size and implant type.  Most pictures also include height and weight which makes it easier to match your body type to the augmentation being performed.  Many patients are embarrassed to bring in these photographs, but don’t be.  It is actually very helpful and lets me understand what type of result you desire.

There are a lot of nuances available with today’s modern breast augmentation, so be sure to choose a surgeon who has performed all types of augmentation.  I specialize in advanced cosmetic surgery, and part of that is keeping on top of the latest advances in breast augmentation.  Many people are surprised when I recommend the shaped implants, but these are the newest, most advanced implants available today.  Believe it or not, the internet has yet to catch up to the latest science in breast augmentation!

One of the most important things to remember is to be sure to speak openly with your surgeon about choosing the right size and look for you. I have had to revise other surgeon’s augmentations because they simply did not listen to the patient’s wishes.  We spend extra time with each patient to ensure that you have selected the right size and shape for you.

If you would like to learn more about today’s advanced breast augmentation options, be sure to call Dr. Dorner at 614-336-9000. We would love to see you in our office.

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