But What About Fillers?


Fillers are one of the most exciting and fun advances in aesthetic plastic surgery in the past fifteen years. They account for the second highest procedures in cosmetic surgery (second to Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport, and other neuromodulators). As you age, multiple changes happen and a lot has been directed at volume loss in the last several years. Fillers are a quick way to plump the face back into its full, voluptuous appearance of youth. With modern fillers almost all areas of the face can be addressed.

Fillers help maintain and keep you looking younger for longer with a quick, in office procedure. Most people look at fillers as maintenance, not as a fix or drastic change. In a recent Time article, it even stated that many women who are not getting these treatments are being viewed by other women as “having let themselves go”.

The mid cheek can be raised and cheek bones reconstructed with some of the newer fillers such as Scupltra, Voluma, and Perlane Lyft. This builds out the face to give back the glowing, prominent cheek bones of youth.

For the area under the eyes, Restylane Silk or Juvederm are particularly suited as it provides a very even, smooth correction to restore the continuity of the lower lid to the midface. One of the first signs of aging in your thirties is the development of a definitive crease or demarcation between the lower lid and the cheek. Eradicating this subtle nuance of aging can have a powerful effect.

As you age your lips thin, your temples become hollow, and your lateral jawline begins to weaken. All these areas can be corrected with the fillers we have available off the shelf.

One of the fun aspects from my perspective is the ability to be even more of an artist with these products. They are the plastic surgeon’s clay, used to help elevate and lift the face. And as such, it is important that your provider have a good understanding and vision of how to make you more beautiful. There is no bad filler, just bad application.

Any one of these treatments are very convenient with minimal to no downtime and can be completed in less than an hour. If you are curious about what they might be able to do, please call my office for a consultation with either myself or one of my highly trained nurse injectors at 614-336-9000 or you can always submit a virtual consultation at www.cccsurgery.com.

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