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Facial Implants

Chin implants

Who gets chin implants?

The chin is a very important part of the face. It promotes aesthetic harmony. A short chin can severely affect the overall cosmetic dynamic of the entire face. It has been said that the chin augmentation procedure can achieve the greatest cosmetic improvement per unit time of any facial reshaping operation. Almost every patient can benefit from either chin implants or chin reshaping. Women and men both benefit from chin implants. Transgender patients also benefit greatly from chin reshaping.

Patients who also do not like the shape of the chin can benefit. The chin can be softened to create a more V-shaped appearance to create a softer, more feminine appearance. The implant can also be designed to help square off the chin to provide a more masculine appearance. Even a chin dimple can be created. Custom implants are also an option to create an individualized augmentation. These are created from the patient’s CT scan and are computer modeled for each individual.

About the procedure

The procedure is generally performed in the office under local anesthesia. It takes less than an hour and the patients return home the same day. The chin is taped to help prevent swelling. This can be removed in three to four days. After this time, patients can start returning to normal activities. Most people will return to work within the week. Bruising can occur but is relatively uncommon given how deep the implants are placed. The incision is about one centimeter in length and is placed below the chin. The implant can also be placed through the mouth, but this is less common as it is more traumatic.

Cheek Implants

Who gets cheek implants?

High, prominent cheekbones are a sign of beauty and youth in men and women alike. People who do not have high cheekbones from birth or those who have lost volume due to age or trauma are excellent candidates. Most individuals will benefit from even a subtle improvement in their cheekbone contours. This is a very underutilized facial reshaping procedure that has profound beauty benefits.

About the procedure

The procedure takes less than an hour. It is performed under sedation or general anesthesia, either in the office or at the surgery center. Patients go home the same day. Pain is minimal and people are back to work within a week. The implants are placed through a small incision within the mouth and are placed against the bone. They are held in position by small alloy screws to prevent movement. Bruising is rare due to the depth of placement. Moderate swelling is common and takes a week or two to dissipate. Custom implants created from the patient’s CT scan are also available to provide very individualized improvement.

Lower Cheek Implants

Who gets this procedure?

Lower cheek implants are very similar to upper cheek implants, except that they improve the loss of volume in the lower portion of the cheek. Many times, these can be combined with upper cheek implants to further improve facial definition. These implants are used mostly in patients with aging faces. Fat grafting and fillers have become very popular. The use of facial implants provides a very consistent, reproducible result for patients. Recover is easy with minimal downtime, and the results are natural and permanent. The lower cheek implants address the subtle loss of bone volume and facial descent that comes with aging. In my opinion, these are some of the most underutilized treatments for patients that can provide a natural rejuvenation. These are often times combined with a facelift for even greater rejuvenation effect.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia at the surgery center or in the office. The procedure takes less than an hour and patients go home the same day. Since the implants are placed along the bone, bruising is minimal. Swelling does occur and but is subtle. It does last longer than soft tissue procedures and can take 2-3 weeks to totally resolve.

The incisions are placed within the mouth. This provides discreet access to the bifacial bones. The implants are placed just under the rim of the cheekbone (zygomatic) and extend downward into the soft tissues to augment the lower midface. They are held in position with small screws.

Jaw Implants

Who gets this procedure?

A straight, strong jawline is a universal sign of beauty throughout all cultures. As one ages, the outer jaw starts to lose width and the straight line begins to soften. Jaw implants provide improved outer jaw and angle of the jaw definition. These are popular for men, women, and transgender individuals. All individuals will have improved aesthetics with a strong jawline. The type of jaw shape can also be altered, from a heart shape for a more feminine appearance or a squarer jaw to increase masculinity.

The number and types of implants have expanded dramatically in just the last few years. Today’s implants can provide improved jaw width, length, and definition depending on each patient’s individual needs. It is very important to have a thorough aesthetic evaluation to determine areas that can be improved and match the patient’s desires. Custom implants are also available. These are designed using computer modeling off of the patient’s own CT scan. These are particularly effective for patients looking for an entire jawline reconstruction.

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the surgery center under general anesthesia. The incisions are placed within the mouth so they are not visible. The implants are pressed against the bone and held in position with small screws. The operation takes about an hour and patients return home the same day. Pain is moderate and most patients will be back to work within a week. Some bruising and swelling is to be expected but resolves within two to three weeks.

Temporal Implants

Who gets this procedure?

Temporal augmentation has become very popular over the past several years. Fillers and fat have been used to augment the temporal region, but these are less precise and in the case of fillers is temporary. Temporal implants provide instant, permanent augmentation through a very easy surgery. Anyone who does not like the hollows within the temporal region is candidates for this procedure. Some patients may even have hollowing due to medical conditions such as congenital growth issues or facial wasting from medications.

About the procedure

The procedure takes about thirty minutes to perform. It can be done in the office or surgery center under IV or general anesthesia. Patients go home the same day and recovery is minimal. Most people will return to work within one to two days. Various implant shapes are available to augment the lateral temporal zone. The incisions are hidden within the hair and heal very well.

Tear Trough Implants

Who gets this procedure?

Tear trough implants are designed to fill the dark hollows under the eyes. Patients who have deep set eyes and indentations from birth or from aging do well with tear trough implants. These also have excellent effects when added to a lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty).

About the procedure

The procedure is performed in the office or surgery center under IV sedation or general anesthesia. A small incision is made behind the eyelid so they are not visible. The implant is placed directly on the bone and held in place either with sutures or screws. The operation takes less than an hour and patients go home the same day. Recovery is about a week until swelling has subsided. Bruising around the eye can be unpredictable. In general, it lasts between one to three weeks. Pain is minimal. When combined with a lower eyelid lift recovery is generally about the same taking a good week to return to work. Once again the bruising is usually the limiting factor. Pain is not significantly increased when doing tightening at the same time.

Custom implants

Who gets this procedure?

Custom implants are a rapidly evolving field of facial implants. With the advent of 3D printers, the ability to create 100% individualized implants has exploded. A CT scan of the patient is used to provide the basis for a computer modeled implant design. Plastic models of the implants can be printed and reviewed before the actual implant is created. This allows the surgeon and patient to review the intended augmentation and fine-tune any details. These implants are particularly useful for chin and jaw augmentation procedures, especially when the entire jaw is being lengthened. They are also particularly well suited for patients need improvement in the orbital rim, zygomatic bone, and lower midface. Anytime two or three implants are being considered, rather than just one, custom implants should be considered.

About the procedure

The procedure is the same as other implants being placed, however, these are designed to fit directly on the skeleton like a puzzle piece. Longer jaw implants are placed through two incisions – one within the mouth and the other the same for a chin implant. This allows the entire implant to be placed in a smooth continuous tunnel.

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