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Neck Lifts in Columbus, OH

As we age, gravity has a way of reminding us of our advanced years. The cruel process usually starts with the loss of elasticity in the neck area, which creates a turkey wattle appearance. This problem can make many men and women lose their confidence, as no amount of facials and cosmetics can make it go away. Neck lifts can address problems like loose neck skin, muscle banding, and skin relaxation which creates jowls and fatty deposits under the chin. This is a process that one should entrust to an experienced cosmetic surgeon, as it requires skill and precision.

What Is A Neck Lift?

Otherwise called a lower rhytidectomy, a neck lift is an intricate cosmetic surgery procedure that eradicates sagging in the neck and jawline. It involves the removal of excess skin and an alteration of neck muscles to tighten the area. Liposuction may be performed to remove excess fat and Botox injections may be necessary to address muscle banding, as this creates unappealing contours.

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Once the procedure is done, the patient should be up and walking in one day. It would be best to keep the neck area elevated to reduce swelling. This procedure is popular because of the short recovery time, which usually lasts between two and three weeks.

Who Should Benefit From Neck Lifts

While neck sagging is usually related to aging, many people of all ages can suffer from this embarrassing condition. The loss of youthful contours in the face and neck area can be caused by other factors like environmental conditions, genetics, and even stress. While most patients opt for a full facelift to reverse the obvious signs of aging, some patients may not be ready for a full facelift because their facial structure still looks appealing. This is particularly true in younger individuals who have a distinct turkey wattle neck and/or jowl lines.

Other Facial Rejuvenation Techniques That Compliment Neck Lifts

Rejuvenation procedures can help improve the overall appearance, especially in cases where there is obvious facial aging. Eyelid surgery can augment sagging eyelids. A brow lift can correct furrowed brows. Fat transfers can add fullness to both cheeks and lips while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Most people wear turtlenecks to hide their sagging necks. While this may be a great way to camouflage the problem area in the colder months, summer season can be traumatic. If you are tired of trying to hide your sagging neck in conservative tops, let Dr. Dorner and his staff help you turn back the clock with a neck lift.

To learn more about neck lifts or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dorner, please fill out the form on this page or call 614-336-9000 We’re located in Dublin, OH and we serve the Columbus Ohio Metro Area.

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