Breast Augmentation

This patient had saline implants from years prior that she was hoping to replace with silicone implants for a more natural looking shape and feel. The patient decided to decrease in size slightly...Click here for more details
This patient came to Dorner Plastic Surgery unhappy with her breast size and shape. After reviewing this with Dr. Dorner she decided on 400 cc Saline breast implants placed below the muscle. She...Click here for more details
This 45 year old patient was interested in learning more about her breast augmentation options. She was concerned that her breasts were smaller than she would like them to be, as well as begging...Click here for more details
This patient met with Dr. Dorner to discuss a breast augmentation. She wanted to learn more about her procedure options and which implant type would be best for her body type and the results she...Click here for more details
This patient wanted to consult with Dr. Dorner about a breast augmentation as well as a possible lift. She was concerned that after having her children she was experiencing sagging and was hoping...Click here for more details
This patient wanted to consult with Dr. Dorner regarding the changes in her body since having children. She mentioned that her breasts had lost volume as well as stretched skin on her abdomen. She...Click here for more details
The patient was interested in increasing her breast size. She was interested in maintaining a natural appearance and size, so she chose 350 cc Shaped silicone implants placed above the muscle to...Click here for more details
This patient came to see Dr. Dorner concerned with her smaller than desired breasts. After reviewing the details of her Breast Augmentation she decided on 535 cc ultra high-profile silicone...Click here for more details
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