How Sunscreen Helps Slow Signs of Aging

The benefits of sunscreen have been ingrained in our heads since childhood. Sunscreen can prolong our fun in the sun and keep us from burning to a crisp. You probably know it can reduce our risk of getting skin cancer. But, did you know? With regular use of medical-grade sunscreen, you can also prevent premature signs of aging. That’s why, at Dorner Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Ohio, our go-to sunscreen for all occasions is Oclipse® Smart Tone SPF 50.

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While most sunscreens offer UVB protection, it’s UVA wavelengths that you need to worry about when it comes to aesthetics. UVB might be what makes you burn, but new studies show it’s harmful UVA wavelengths can cause wrinkles, age spots, changes in skin texture and uneven pigmentation. Oclipse® products filter UVA, UVB, and even HEV (high-energy visible) for maximum protection.

Oclipse® is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 50 giving you long-lasting protection. SPF 50 sunscreens can block 98% of cancer-causing UVB rays.

The exclusive time-release antioxidant complex helps guard against photodamage for up to 12-hours. As skin turnover occurs, your skin begins to hydrate and heal on its own. Oclipse® is lightweight and non-irritating for even the most sensitive skin.

Oclipse® is a highly-advanced form of sunscreen complete with anti-redness properties and a sheer tinted primer designed to match any skin tone. The active ingredients moisturize your skin and provide a natural, healthy glow. With the help of Oclipse® Smart Tone, you can significantly slow the skin’s aging process. Add Oclipse® to your daily routine today and see for yourself.

Ready to learn more about Oclipse® Smart Tone SPF 50? Schedule a confidential consult at Dorner Plastic Surgery by giving us a call at (614) 336-9000 or simply fill out the form on this page today!

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