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Dr. Dorner
Dr. Dorner is committed to educating men and women about plastic surgery. He often speaks to groups about different aspects of plastic surgery, as well as demystifying common misconceptions about surgical and non-surgical procedures. His engaging, educational and entertaining presentations are great for groups of any size interested in learning more about plastic surgery.
Some common topics include:
  • Trends in Plastic Surgery
  • How to Know if You’re Ready to Change Your Appearance
  • Facelift Options – Surgical and Non-surgical
  • The Skinny on Cellulite
  • 3 Surprising Reasons Nice Suburban Women Have Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift
  • What is a Mommy Makeover and is it Really Worth it?
  • What is a Daddy Do Over and Am I Ready for One?
 Dr. Dorner infuses the same caring, compassionate, and artistic approach into his presentations as he does in the exam room.
To inquire about booking Dr. Dorner to speak to your group, please contact Pat Johnson, Administrator, at [email protected] or 614-336-9000.
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