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Male Breast Reduction in Columbus, OH

What is Male Breast Reduction?

It is often embarrassing for men to have enlarged or female like breasts and this has a tremendous effect on their self-image. Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure that Dr. Dorner performs in his Columbus, OH office to remove excess tissues and fat in a patient’s breast to help achieve a more masculine breast contour.

The enlargement of the male breast is caused by a decrease in testosterone levels relative to the level of estrogen in the body. There are also patients who have inherited this condition, and a few who have female-like breasts due to medications they may have taken. Dr. Dorner of Columbus, OH recommends breast reduction to his patients not only to achieve a more masculine body contour but also for their psychological well-being.

What is the procedure for breast reduction?

Dr. Dorner performs breast reductions as an outpatient procedure at his Dublin, OH office, right outside of Columbus. Patients have the option to use either general or local anesthesia for the procedure.

This procedure involves a combination of liposuction procedures to remove the excess fat in the breasts, and the surgical removal of excess glandular tissue to help achieve a masculine breast shape. If the enlargement of the breast is mainly caused by excess fat, then liposuction will be enough to complete a breast reduction.  Dr. Dorner will make tiny incisions in the breast and insert small, thin blunt-tipped tubes called cannulas. The cannulas will help break down and loosen the fat which Dr. Dorner will then suction out. To remove any excess glandular tissues, incisions will be made on the breasts and any excess skin and tissues will be removed.

Breast reduction can also change the shape and size of the areola. Incisions will be made in the areola and it will be repositioned to make it appear more masculine.

What should patients in Columbus, OH expect after a male breast reduction?

It is normal for patients who undergo a breast reduction procedure to experience bruising, swelling, numbness in the breast area, and tenderness. Patients are able to resume work about a week after their breast reduction. The swelling and the bruising will go down in about 3 months from when they had the procedure. Patients can gradually see the amazing change in their physique as the swelling goes down.

To learn more about Male Breast Reduction or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dorner, please fill out the form on this page or call 614-336-9000 We’re located in Dublin, OH and we serve the Columbus Ohio Metro Area.

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