Microneedling with PRP: Turn Back the Clock for Your Skin

Microneedling with PRP: Turn Back the Clock for Your Skin

Microneedling is a highly-popular skin rejuvenation procedure among some of the hottest stars in Hollywood. But, it might also be your co-workers secret to flawless skin too. The minimally-invasive procedure is one of our most request by patients, and for good reason. Microneedling with PRP can produce dramatic results with little to no downtime.


Revive your skin’s health with microneedling with PRP. It’s safe for all skin types and can address skin conditions on the face, neck, hands, and chest. The treatment smooths fine lines and wrinkles, firms loose or thinning skin, diminishes acne scars, and clears pigmentation problems.

Microneedling is an advanced technique that creates thousands of microscopic injuries to the superficial layers of skin. These injuries trigger your body’s natural healing process and send beneficial collagen and elastin to repair and rejuvenate.

Why Add PRP?

Microneedling on its own is a great anti-aging technique. However, when it’s paired with the healing powers of self-derived platelet-rich-plasma (PRP), the two treatments work synergistically to give you flawless, radiant skin.

PRP is packed with growth factors that play a key role in your skin’s health. Microneedling allows the topical PRP solution to deeply penetrate to the lower layers of skin, ultimately enhancing its efficacy.

What Can You Expect?

At the time of your appointment, you’ll undergo a simple blood draw which will then be sent for purification in our lab centrifuge. Dr. Dorner will then begin your microneedling session. Finally, the PRP will be topically applied. Your entire session can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

You’re free to go about most activities immediately following your appointment. The treatment area will likely have a pink hue similar to that of spending a few hours in the sun. Swimming, sunbathing, and sweating in general should be avoided for 72-hours post-treatment.

Results will start to gradually appear within 2-4 weeks. Optimal results can take up to 6-months to appear so plan ahead if you have a big event coming up. It can take 3-6 treatments to achieve your desired results. During this time, you’ll notice visible signs of aging gradually fade away. Enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin with regular microneedling with PRP sessions.

Take the Next Step

Consider enlisting the help of Microneedling with PRP at Dorner Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Ohio. Schedule a consultation with a Dorner Plastic Surgery provider today by calling us at (614) 336-9000 or simply complete the form on this page.

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