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shutterstock_105478262Most people have heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift to add fat to your posterior to improve the size and shape of your buttocks, but have you heard about labiaplasty?  The Brazilian Butt Lift is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure, but labiaplasty is number two.  If you have had children, asymmetry, or simply are not happy or perhaps embarrassed by the appearance of your private areas, it can be easily addressed by a quick in office procedure.  The technique of labiaplasty most commonly involves reducing the labial minor or wings, ears, or flaps as sometimes called on the vagina. Many times the tissues just outside of this area, the labia majora, can be flat and without definition also. Lastly, the clitoral hood may be excessive. All three of the areas can be altered when performing a labiaplasty to give you what many people call the designer vagina. There is not one absolute model of the perfect appearance for the labia, but most patients have an idea of what they find attractive. Sometimes the labia minora can be so large as to interfere with sex and make it uncomfortable.

The procedure itself is easier to undergo than most women expect. The procedure can be performed in the office under local anesthesia and takes about a week to recover. However intercourse has to wait for several weeks to prevent injury to the healing tissues. Complications are rare and most patients are very pleased with the results.

We take special care to be sensitive to your needs for this particular procedure as we all understand it can be an embarrassing and sensitive subject.

If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation, please give our office a call at 614-336-9000 or a virtual consult on our website at

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