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Fly-In Program

Would you like to have Dr. Dorner perform your plastic surgery, but you don’t live nearby? We completely understand not limiting your plastic surgeon search to a twenty-mile radius. When having surgery or appearance-altering procedures, it’s important to find a surgeon with the expertise and experience to ensure a fantastic, safe treatment. That’s why Dr. Dorner’s successful Fly-In Program caters specifically to out-of-town patients who wish to visit the Columbus office.

Our Fly-In Program allows you to come from anywhere without the hassle and stress associated with interstate travel. We will help to arrange any accommodations you may need, just call our office for more information. In the meantime, plan for your trip to our office by doing the following:

Get to Know Us

Get to know Dr. Dorner, his guiding principles, and the services he offers by watching the video and browsing our site. If you have any questions about our practice or Dr. Dorner, send us a message.

Set-up a Virtual Consultation


Don’t worry about flying in for an in-office consultation. We will meet with you virtually to discuss everything we would normally review with a local patient at a consultation. Dr. Dorner will then make recommendations based on your unique needs and complete a specialized treatment plan with everything from financial information to aftercare. To set up your consultation, contact our office today.

Plan your Visit

Fly-In Program

We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance so that you can make hotel and airline reservations as conveniently as possible. It is our recommendation that you plan to stay in Columbus for 7-10 days, but one of our friendly staff members will give you specific information about your desired procedure.

Arrive in Columbus for your Appointment

Fly-In Program1

If you have a private plane, you have the convenient option of flying into the OSU airport. Going commercial? We recommend flying into Columbus International Airport using your favorite airline. The airport is less than a half hour away from our conveniently located offices. We are happy to arrange a car service for you. For directions from the airport to our office, click here.

Make Recovery Accommodations

Fly-In Program3

Time for relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation! The length of your rest period can differ depending on your procedure, but we will review all of this information during your virtual consultation. Some procedures may require staying under our supervision for just a few hours or overnight. Once you leave our office, we recommend resting in one of these lovely hotels (it is a vacation after all!).

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