Plastic Surgery for Men

The percentage of men seeking plastic surgery has risen over 25% in the past decade. The most common procedures have stayed relatively the same. The number one procedure for men is nasal surgery or rhinoplasty. The second is eyelid surgery, followed by breast reduction (or gynecomastia removal), liposuction, and finally facelift.

There has also been a tremendous rise in non-invasive procedures. Botox has been leading the charge, and is a great procedure to help prevent aging in men. Laser hair removal is number two followed closely by microdermabrasion, then chemical peels and soft tissue fillers. Men are taking better care of themselves as they age.

It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds. Kim Kardashian was responsible for a dramatic increase in buttock augmentations. There are many areas that are underutilized for men, namely implants. Facial implants can greatly improve the balance in a man’s face. Chin augmentations, lateral jaw augmentation, and mid face augmentation make great improvements in a male patient’s masculinity and overall appearance. Pectoral implants, bicep implants, calf implants are all great adjuvants to liposuction or other body contouring. With the onset of the “human Barbie doll” advocating body implants, it will be interesting to see if this trend extends into the male cosmetic surgery domain.

If you are interested in looking your best, whether because you feel younger than you look, are trying to remain youthful in the board room, or are dating again, there are options for you that will improve the way you feel about yourself. Call us now if you are interested. 614-336-9000.

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