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Botox® in Columbus, OH

One of the most widely known cosmetic procedures in Columbus, OH is Botox. Botox® is a medication best known for its temporary paralyzing action on the underlying muscles of the face responsible for expression. With constant repetition, these facial expressions cause the formation of creases and wrinkles in different parts of the face, contributing to an aged and tired looking appearance. Botox® is composed of botulinum toxin and is best known for its ability to block the nerve signals that trigger the muscles to contract. As this happens, the wrinkles eventually are smoothed out because the skin is no longer being creased or folded repeatedly.

Why should I consider using Botox®?

The temporary paralyzing action that Botox® exerts on the muscles causes these muscles to relax and ultimately reduces the signs of aging. It has been found to be highly effective for treating frown lines in between the patient’s eyebrows, forehead furrows, and crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes.

Are there any risks when using Botox®?

Generally, Botox® is considered to be very safe and effective when used for cosmetic procedures. The most common side effects experienced with Botox® injections are redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection sites.  When injected incorrectly, or if the drug accidentally spreads to adjacent areas on the face, it could lead to drooping eyelids, uneven eyebrows, dry eyes, excessive tearing, or crooked smiles.

What is Dysport® and how does it work?

Dysport® is a drug used as a simple and non-invasive method of treating wrinkles. It is a protein synthesized from the abobotulinum toxin, which is commonly used in the medical field to treat muscle spasms. In cosmetic medicine, Dysport® works by exerting a relaxing effect on the muscles underlying the wrinkles, temporarily immobilizing them and helping smooth the wrinkles away. There have been reports of patients even losing the urge to frown following Dysport® treatments, which can be instrumental to the long-term effects of the drug in wrinkle treatment. Dysport® is effective and safe for use in reducing the appearance of facial lines and creases. Tiny amounts of this drug injected directly into the muscles will gradually relax them and improve the appearance of wrinkles to give the patient a smoother, more youthful looking face.

Are there side effects with Dysport®?

The typical side effects associated with the use of Dysport® are temporary soreness and bruising at the injection sites. In a few cases, patients have experienced temporary drooping eyelids and even allergic reactions.

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