Facials in Columbus, OH

What are facials?

For many people, facials have now become an essential part of their skincare regimen. This procedure is a collective term for a group of treatments that all ultimately aim to enhance the quality of the patient’s skin. Facials include cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing techniques that clear the complexion and help make the skin look fresher, younger, and more vibrant.

What happens during facials?

Facials usually begin with a consultation with a professional aesthetician. The aesthetician can give expert recommendations about your skin condition and how to best address your skin problems.

  1. Your face will be cleaned thoroughly using cotton pads or facial sponges.
  2. After covering your eyes, the skin is examined under a magnifying lamp to facilitate a skin analysis that will determine your specific skin type and the skin conditions that need to be addressed. This will help the aesthetician to form a proper recommendation about your skin condition as well as to choose the appropriate methods to be used during the facial.
  3. Most facials begin by exposing the patient’s face to warm steam to help open up the pores and soften whiteheads and blackheads that need to be extracted.
  4. Exfoliation of the skin follows. Manual or mechanical exfoliation makes use of exfoliants that help rub away dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, makes use of an enzyme solution applied to the surface of the skin to facilitate healing. Mechanical and chemical exfoliation can be done simultaneously with the steaming process.
  5. Blackheads and whiteheads can be extracted during facials if the patient decides to do so. There will be some discomfort during extractions so patients with a lower tolerance for pain usually choose to skip this.
  6. After the previous steps in the facial, patients will be given a facial massage to relax the facial muscles and stimulate circulation in the skin as well.
  7. A facial mask will then be applied to the face, the type of which will depend upon the patient’s skin type and the specific skin conditions present. Facial masks are usually applied to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, giving the patient youthful glowing skin afterward.
  8. The final stage of a facial involves the application of serums, toners, moisturizers, and sunscreen to enhance the effects of the facial and protect the skin when the facial is over.

How often should I get facials?

It is ideal for patients to get facials once every month because that is how long skin regeneration usually takes. Otherwise, it is recommended to get facials at least four times in a year to keep your skin looking beautiful. If you are new to facials, or if you are trying to clear up a skin condition, you may need to visit your aesthetician more frequently in the beginning and then gradually taper down to the recommended number of sessions.

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