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What is laser hair removal?

If you are a resident of Ohio having problems with excessive hair growth, then you may want to consider laser hair removal from Dr. Dorner’s clinic in Columbus. Laser hair removal is a procedure that makes use of carefully directed laser energy. The laser beams in this process are directed towards the hair follicles to inhibit hair growth. Although this procedure is highly effective in slowing down hair growth, it is not a guarantee that hair will be permanently removed from these areas.

Why should I consider laser hair removal?

Having unwanted hair is a common problem for men and women alike that experience an overabundance of hair in certain areas of their bodies including the armpits, legs, upper lip, chin, chest, and bikini line.

Are there any risks?

Some of the risks that come with laser hair removal include laser resistance that results in a failed procedure or with hair growing back immediately after. Common side effects associated with laser hair removal also include skin irritation that is characterized by swelling, redness, and discomfort on the treated areas which can last for up to several hours. Temporary changes in skin pigmentation have also been noted and effect mostly darker skinned patients. In rare cases, the procedure has also given way to scarring, blistering, and other observable skin texture changes.

What happens during laser hair removal?

Prior to beginning the laser treatment, thicker patches of hair growth on the affected areas have to be trimmed down, and then a local topical anesthetic is applied to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Handheld laser instruments typically come with a cooling attachment on the tip of the device to help protect the patient’s skin during the treatment. As the laser becomes activated, it will be focused to specifically target hair follicles and expose them to intense heat. This results in damage that effectively inhibits hair growth. It will only take a few minutes to subject smaller areas to laser hair removal, but larger surface areas could take up to several hours to complete.

What should I do after the procedure?

During the first several hours right after laser hair removal, patients will normally experience some minor swelling and redness across the treated areas. A cold compress applied gently onto these regions will help reduce discomfort, and Dr. Dorner may recommend the use of topical gels or lotions to soothe the skin. If skin irritation occurs, it may be necessary to use a steroid cream over the affected area to manage the condition.

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