The Effect of Body Image on Mental Health

Are you happy with how you look? 100% happy? Huffington Post research indicates men and women alike care a lot about their physical appearance. In fact, a total of 15% of men reported being “very to extremely dissatisfied” with their weight, along with 20% of women. Not only is self image tied to attractiveness and our physical health, but ultimately body image and mental health can have an even deeper correlation that can often go overlooked.

For many years, the overwhelming public perception of cosmetic surgery was that primarily vain and rich people underwent procedures to improve or preserve their looks. While that notion can be true, many cosmetic surgery procedures are performed today to not only treat the affects of aging but also to address disfigurement from accidents, scarring from acne and similar problems that have a continued negative impact on a patient’s well-being and confidence.

The betterment from positive body image can often cause patients to become more productive as a whole as they spend less time worrying about outward appearance. At Dorner Plastic Surgery, we see this all the time. Plastic surgery doesn’t just improve bodies; it improves minds and lives.

A number of plastic surgery procedures have physical health benefits that will have positive, residual effects on mental health as well. For example, breast reduction is a procedure that can truly change a person’s life. By alleviating neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain from bra straps, and even headaches caused by extra weight, breast reduction can make day-to-day living much more bearable.

Rhinoplasties have long been associated with vanity. While the procedure can alter the shape of one’s nose, it can also improve breathing functions. For those with obstructive breathing problems, nasal septoplasty and turbinate reduction can improve breathing dramatically, especially during sleep, and can also increase exercise tolerance in some patients.

Major life changes, such as dramatic weight reduction, can have unforeseen effects. For instance dramatic weight loss can result in excess skin in the torso, arms and legs. This definitely isn’t the effect desired by people who put much time and energy into weight loss efforts. In addition, deep folds in the abdomen and other areas can result in skin infections. Removing excess skin can eliminate potential infections, enhance a patient’s ability to exercise and make monumental weight loss more noticeable.

Even if you don’t have major health problems, the effects of aging or a less-than-perfect appearance can affect your mental health and your social life. By addressing these areas, you can enhance your quality of living, instead of just pushing it aside. Everyone deserves to have strong self-esteem and the far-reaching, positive effects it can have on all aspects of life. Let Dr. Brian Dorner and the staff at Dorner Plastic Surgery show you just how easy it is to improve your life.

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