The Story of The Ugly Wrinkle and The CO2 Laser

Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror to see an ugly wrinkle just staring you back in the face? It seems like it sprung up overnight! Well, there are very good ways to get rid of those wrinkles. One of the best treatments for facial wrinkles around the mouth (the barcodes or smokers lines), cheeks, eyes (crow’s feet), or forehead (glabella) is the next generation CO2 laser.

The CO2 laser removes wrinkles by tightening the skin. It works through several different methods. The first is just the removal of a small, microscopic channel of tissue. This tightens the skin by removing a small fraction just as in a facelift. The skin is also heated and responds in a healing cascade which helps realign the cells, improve the collagen, and encourage the skin to contract.

The original CO2 lasers were what we call fully ablative. This means that they removed all of the skin with no gaps. Modern lasers are fractionated. They leave small little islands of healthy tissue in between the laser pulses. This is important because the skin heals outward from these healthy islands greatly reducing down time. The lasers can be used today to provide a quick, “lunch time” peel with little to no downtime up to more aggressive treatments that have 7-10 days of recovery.

As in many areas of life, there still is no free lunch when it comes to lasers, however you can now choose how you want to treat your face. If downtime is a concern, the treatments can be performed in a series to provide improvement with little to no downtime in between procedures. Most patients decide to take a little time off so a more aggressive treatment can be performed initially. With this method the results are more profound.

I always encourage every patient when considering facial rejuvenation, whether that is a face-lift, Botox© Cosmetic, or fillers, to really consider treatment of the skin itself otherwise we are not addressing all of your cosmetic needs and leaving behind on your face signs of aging that can be corrected.

Please give my office a call. We would love to talk to you about the CO2 laser or one of our many other options to give you back your lustrous glowing skin of youth. Call us today at 614-336-9000 or check out our website at for a virtual consultation.

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