To Quicklift or Not?

19339870_lFacelifts are hands down the most effective method to remove years off of your appearance. A well performed facelift can take 20 years off your appearance and combining this with fat grafting and laser resurfacing can be astonishing. However, there is a lot of purposeful misinformation out on the internet and in marketing. One of my pet peeves is the constant projection of “mini-lifts” as being the best, most natural method of face-lifting. It is true, for the unskilled surgeon it makes the procedure itself much easier and more profitable, but the results simply never compare to a well-executed, deep plane, modern facelift. The first facelift is basically the original facelift given a glossy new name. For decades plastic surgeons have diligently worked to provide natural, long lasting, comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedures to our patients and the modern facelift is no exception. However, marketing gloss for “quick” or “mini” lifts can’t overcome the infallibility of biology! There are certain anatomic considerations in everyone’s face that need to be taken into account to give a natural, long lasting result. Checking the system doesn’t work and simply puts this artful technique back into the stone ages of plastic surgery.

I personally worked with one of the masters of the modern facelift, Dr. John Owsley, and in doing so learned techniques that I feel give much better, long lasting, and natural results. It is a fallacy of the marketer and those who aren’t adequately trained, that mini lifts or short cuts are more natural. The deep plane facelift of today places emphasis on anatomic structures, avoiding tension on the skin which is the downfall and resultant stigmata of cutting corners.

If you are interested in finding out the difference between a modern facelift versus other techniques, I would be more than happy to share my experience and knowledge. When dealing with your facial appearance, you simply can only afford to have the best, most appropriate procedure performed correctly and the first time. Call my office today at 614-336-9000 or visit my website at for a virtual consultation.

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