What Makes a Good Belly?

When you are looking in the mirror, does it make you smile to turn and look at your abdomen? With babies, weight loss or gain, and simple aging many times the mirror is not smiling back at you. But what does make your belly look better? As with great art, the subtle differences between a Rembrandt and your local starving artist may not be immediately apparent to the uninitiated, but make all the difference in the final product.

There are some obvious areas such as a C-section scar that might cause the skin to overhang or possibly stretch marks that are unsightly. But there are more subtle things that are important, especially when you are considering a surgical improvement. The subtle differences lie in the hands of the surgeon and if not taken into consideration can leave the abdomen looking dull and without definition.

One of the most important aspects I find is to undergo contouring with liposuction. If there are bulges above the belly button these need to be corrected with liposuction. A thick layer of belly fat will detract from the final outcome, so liposuction should be used to remove this layer so that the internal musculature can be visualized.

A well-crafted bellybutton is very important or the abdomen can look surgical. This requires careful tailoring of the tissue around the belly button along with proper indentations to re-create the subtle nuances of an attractive abdomen.

Understanding the natural taper of the abdomen is very important also. The fat along the abdomen is not a flat, consistent layer. For the natural contours to be visible tailoring of the fatty layer is necessary through direct resection or liposuction. Along the lateral oblique muscle it is very important to thin this region so that the natural contours becomes visible.

These are just some of the subtle considerations that need to be incorporated into the surgical plan to assure a balanced, attractive abdomen. Just tightening the skin is not enough to give a truly attractive abdominal contour. If you are considering an abdominoplasty, make sure that your surgeon understands the subtle nuances to give you the best possible results.

I would love the opportunity to discuss how your abdomen can become sexy again!

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