Worried About Skin Rolls Over Your Bra Line?

Skin rolls over the bra line have many causes that include aging, uneven fat distribution and sun damage. Even the fittest of women can suffer from skin rolls. Often, diet and exercise can’t even eliminate these rolls. Skin rolls over the bra line are common side effects of weight loss, but you can deal with them intelligently.

Removing the stubborn roles generally requires addressing both the fat and potentially skin laxity. To remove the fat either liposuction can be performed or CoolSculpting depending on the patient’s preference. Liposuction can remove more fat at one time whereas CoolSculpting requires no downtime. The excess skin, if present, can then be treated either with a laser to tighten up the skin not surgically or in more extreme cases surgically removed.

Since Dr. Dorner offers both CoolSculpting and liposuction, you can be assured that the best solution would be chosen for your needs.  Don’t hesitate to get rid of those disturbing bra rolls!  The solution is relatively easy with little to no pain.  Call our office today and one of our cosmetic specialists would be happy to give you a free evaluation.

Tips for Scheduling Safe and Effective Cosmetic Surgery:

Capital City Cosmetic Surgery specializes in these types of procedures, and board certified surgeon Dr. Brian Dorner has many years of experience, leading to a reputation for considering every facet of the surgery in meticulous detail. Dr. Dorner takes time to discuss the surgery with each patient and considers any applicable factors, such as medical history, different treatment options and protocol for excessive sagging skin after the treatment. The surgeon’s credentials are impeccable and include:

  • Medical training from the University of Michigan Medical School and Ohio State University
  • Director of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Mount Carmel West Hospital
  • Member of the Quality Improvement Panel of the State Medical Board
  • Chosen for a distinguished Owsley fellowship, which is awarded to one cosmetic surgeon each year

Capital City Cosmetic Surgery offers safe treatments for removing fat rolls, tips to enhance your appearance and many other cosmetic services for men and women.  If you are considering cosmetic surgery or procedures, you owe it to yourself to visit his website. His before and after photos speak for themselves as do his patient reviews.

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